As the Congo collapses into civil war, mercenaries, rebels and corporate rogues battle for control of the country’s riches. Mining magnate Alex Drummond and diamond sorter Chrissy Coates are caught in a deadly cross-fire which threatens to destroy their lives – her husband, their lovers, his career  and the land she loves.

Set in the real Africa, far from tourists, sanitised game  reserves and packaged safaris, The Crystal Gazer blows the  lid off the searing cauldron consuming the continent. Once started you will not put it down.

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Cornwall 1858: a boy descends alone into the darkness of   the Wheal Emma copper mine tormented by the mystery of his father’s tragic death. What clues lie hidden in his father’s mining journal? Who are the sinister others in the dark? Who else is plotting to unlock the secrets of the mine? And who really profits from the miners’ back-breaking toil?

The Boy in the Dark weaves a gripping tale around an accurate portrayal of the struggles of the Cornish men, women and children whose labours made staggering fortunes for speculators, landowners and the aristocracy.

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Until now, all Thomas Pascoe has known is Cornish copper, finding it, mining it and striking it rich.

Exiled to a South Australian sheep station, he hears from home that the famous Pascoe Lode is dying, the town of Penpillick and Capun Clymo with it. They need him back. What is poisoning the people? Where has the copper gone? Can he afford to leave the outback and can he discover new riches at Wheal Emma?

This second novel in the Pascoe series, chronicles the clan’s adventures – bound together, yet literally worlds apart in Cornwall and South Australia. As Cornish mining enters its decline, Cousin Jacks are drawn to prospecting across Australia. But it’s not just gold and copper in that vast and unknown land – it’s hard living and destitution, hope and lies, dreams of riches and deeds of treachery.

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